Locked Remote Use with IC7610 and RS-BA1 #AudioIssues #WSJTX_config #Windows10

Peter George

Hi Guys,

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I have an IC7610 running RS-BA1 V2. I have been using it for more than a year with SSB and CW with good success. I am trying to get FT-8 running with WSJT-X so I can operate it from my winter home (remotely).

I can run FT8 locally using the local computer which is connected to the 7610 via USB, but can’t get it to work remote.

From looking around the internet, I have been able to get it “almost running”. It will receive fine, and it goes into transmit but no audio is getting sent to the radio.

Here is my setup: I have the a VPN into a PC (Win 10) sitting on my local LAN, connected to the 7610 using USB. With Icom Remote running at both ends, I can get audio and decode properly, but when I try to transmit, even though I have the Audio Output setup as ICOM_VAUDIO-2, it still is trying to send the audio from the mic on the remote laptop. (If I talk I can see the power out rise and fall). I have tried every possible combination in the settings, hoping I would get it right by trial and error, but no joy.

Any thoughts on what is causing the issue or how I can get WSJT to talk through RS-BA1?

Thanks es 73, WA1HXH

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