Locked Specific callsign causes v2.5.3 to crash #IssueReport

Rick N0VT

I was working EU on 10M FT8 this morning and everything was going fine until I called G4XEX/2ZE. At message TX3, WSJT-X crashed. When I tried to restart it, I recieved a WSJT-X error: "Sub-Process error Failed to close orphaned JT9 process". Clicking OK on that box brought up a second error saying, "Fatal error Sub-process error". I then opened Task Manager and scrolled down to Background Processes and found the line, "jt9-WSJT-X slow mode decoder". Ending that task made WSJT-X return to normal--that is, until I tried to work G4XEX/2ZE again. The same crash happened at the same point in the QSO. After once again closing the JT9 line in task manager, the program began working again. Subsequent trials with that callsign with the TX power at 0 yield the same results. There's something about that callsign that version 2.5.3 doesn't like.

That callsign does not appear anywhere in my log but it apparently triggers some sort of JT9 error. Meanwhile, I havent used JT9 in months, possibly years.

Rick N0VT

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