Locked JTAlert launch shows "another instance ..." error #windows11

Dick McClain

Have been long time user of WSJT-X & JTAlert but am very confused about new PC setup.
Generally, my new PC is working well except for the JTAlert failure.

WSJT-X version 2.5.3
JTAlert version
Windows 11 on Dell Inspiron PC with i7 CPU and 12 Gbytes RAM

I can launch WSJT-X and work QSOs as expected. But when I launch JTAlert, I get a box with message ...
"Another instance may be running, try to remove stale lock file" [I don't know what file to look for]
When I click on "yes" or "retry", nothing changes.
When I click on "No", it opens another error box with message ...
"WSJT-X , Fatal Error, Multiple instances must have unique rig names"

But I have no other instances running {verified by checking Task Manager]

Please advise where I need to find something to change. I can't get the JTAlert to launch to adjust any settings.
And I find nothing in WSJT-X settings that affect the launch of JTAlert.

I have wasted a lot of time looking for a fix and am getting frustrated and tired.
Appreciate your help.

Thank you and 73,
Dick, kd4s

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