Locked Re: 2.5.3 Subprocess Error and Shutdown #stopped_working

neil_zampella <neilz@...>

From everything seen here, it has to do with the forward slash on the
callsign " / ".    Even standard suffixes are seeing issues. Evidently
the 32 bit version does not have this problem.   You could install that,
but then you'd probably have to install the 32 bit SSL library to keep
from getting the LoTW file download error.

You can revert back to v2.5.2

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 12/22/2021 1:02 PM, Chris VE3NRT wrote:
I've had some sudden shutdowns lately on 2.5.3 as well. The worst one was working HC1MD/2 where it crashed 4 times during a single QSO (I'd like to than HC1MD/2 for his patience). No reboot required, though. Just use task manager and find the JT9 process and "End Task". WSJT-X will restart.

I don't know if the crashes were due to the non-standard call sign. I didn't work any more of those that day (it was yesterday), and had no further trouble.

I am using JT-Alert, Windows-10 and an older Core-i7 without AVX instructions, just in case that is meaningful. I'm trying to build a new PC, but the motherboard I'm looking for is either out of stock, or being sold at profiteer pricing.

Chris VE3NRT

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