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Michael Black

That is RF in the shack.  Only happens when you transmit.

The CAT PTT test does not generate any power so that's why it works.

#1 Type 31 Chokes on the USB cable (both ends)

#2 If no chokes try moving the USB cable to another port (front instead of back or other side of laptop)

Then please describe your grounding system.  Too many people have the "rod in the ground" outside  their shack that is not bonded to the house main.
See Bob Heil's video here

Mike W9MDB

On Saturday, December 18, 2021, 03:58:15 PM CST, K1LYV <k1lyv@...> wrote:

Hamlib error: IO error
port_open: serial_open(COM3) status=-6, err=Input/output error
iofunc.c(81):port_open return(-6)
rig.c(800):rig_open return(-6) while opening connection to rig

I have rebooted the pc, power cycled the radio, checked the USB cable.  The issue I am having is WSJT can decode fine, but when I try to reply, call CQ or just hit the tune button I get the above error.  If I test the PTT using the CAT controls it’s okay, it seems to be some kind of weird audio issue.  When this error occurs, the radio keys up, and for less than half a second I hear a quick audio tone, then the radio unkeys and I get the above error.

Radio is a FTDX10.  This was working fine this morning and now all of a sudden it’s not.  Ideas anyone?

John (K1LYV)

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