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Amos Sobel 4X4MF


Years ago I did use JT9 a lot. It was better then JT65 but less popular.
In time FT8 became very popular and did replace all other modes.
What do you mean by JT9G(Fast)? Why?
Auto Sequencing came much later. I was not aware that it does not work with JT9.
What is the motivation behind your interest in using JT9? Do you suggest to use few modes on the same frequency such as 50.303 Mhz?

Amos 4X4MF

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I do MSK144 meteor scatter on 6m and 2m and have always been interested in trying it on 10/12/15, mainly due to N0AN's past posts on the subject.

This morning, I tried using JT9G(fast) with a friend 6 miles away using low power on 28.145. I am using WSJT-X 2.5.2 and he was using 2.5.3. We both observed this:

1. QSO's are manually invoked by double clicking an incoming message - (No "Call 1st" function). OK, I can live with that. That's how WSJT-X handled the old modes, like JT-65.
2. Auto Sequence doesn't. Each message (TX2, TX3, TX4...) must be manually selected to make the QSO progress.
3. With decent S/N ratio, the incoming signal is not decoded every time (I could copy him at 500mW, then not get a decode when he went up to 5W or 10W).

Auto Sequence is the biggest issue, but not sure I trust the decoder at this point. Or maybe I need to change a radio setting somewhere.

Would like to hear from others who have used this mode... Thanks.

Dave N7RF

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