Locked Re: IC 9700 2.5.3 Cat Control Problem #Cat_RigControl #macOS

Mike Black

Please download the latest hamlib and see if it fixes the problem.

New hamlib for Windows installation directions#1 Shut down WSJTX#2 Download either the 32-bit or 64-bit DLL -- hopefully your browser doesn't block it but may warn you multiple times.If you can do a "Save As" you can save it directly in \WSJT\WSJTX\bin and replace the libhamlib-4.dll that is there.http://n0nb.users.sourceforge.net/dll32/libhamlib-4.dllhttp://n0nb.users.sourceforge.net/dll64/libhamlib-4.dll#3 If you don't save directly you need to open a file browser and move the file that way.If you're not familiar with that here's a video on the file browser.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyVqCJrs9dk
Mike W9MDB

On Saturday, December 18, 2021, 11:13:42 AM CST, Buddy Morgan via groups.io <beamar@...> wrote:

I was using 2.5.0, under Windows 11. Everything was fine with all three of my radios - IC 9700, FTDX 101, IC 705. Upgraded to 2.5.3. The FTDX 101 works just as before. The IC 705 works as before. But, the IC 9700 does not. When I click on "Test Cat", I get the following error message:
Hamlib error: Invalid parameterIcom_rig_open rig error geting frequency retry=0, err=Invalid parametericom_get usb_echo_off: USB echo off detectedicom c(771): icom_get_usb-echo-off return (1)icom c(771) icom_get_usb echo_off return(1)icom.c(988)icom_rig_open return(1)rig.c(1031:rig_open return(1) while opening connection to rig

The software is decoding normally. I, of course checked everything, USB ports, settings in the radio, etc. Could not find a problem. Tried my Mac, running 2.5.0 (I'm scared to upgrade my Mac to 2.5.3) and it operated the IC 9700 normally.

Need some help!
Buddy WB4OMG

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