Locked JT9G (FAST) Experimentation #JT9

Dave Moore

I do MSK144 meteor scatter on 6m and 2m and have always been interested in trying it on 10/12/15, mainly due to N0AN's past posts on the subject.

This morning, I tried using JT9G(fast) with a friend 6 miles away using low power on 28.145. I am using WSJT-X 2.5.2 and he was using 2.5.3. We both observed this:

1. QSO's are manually invoked by double clicking an incoming message - (No "Call 1st" function). OK, I can live with that. That's how WSJT-X handled the old modes, like JT-65.
2. Auto Sequence doesn't. Each message (TX2, TX3, TX4...) must be manually selected to make the QSO progress.
3. With decent S/N ratio, the incoming signal is not decoded every time (I could copy him at 500mW, then not get a decode when he went up to 5W or 10W).

Auto Sequence is the biggest issue, but not sure I trust the decoder at this point. Or maybe I need to change a radio setting somewhere.

Would like to hear from others who have used this mode... Thanks.

Dave N7RF

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