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Mack Edmonson

Wayne, I have made a mistalke about my settings, my F tol is at 20 and has never been changed. It is the Max drift setting that I keep at 0 . If i change the Max drift to anything other than zero I am unable to decode multiple stations and must have the RX cursor on the station to be decoded. I apologize for making such an error. What is your setting for Max drift??
Mack W4ENN

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F Tol should not be set to zero. I keep mine at 20 Hz, and use the cursor on the Wide
Graph to select the individual station I want to decode. All of the stronger stations
on the wide graph are also decoded.  GL and VY 73, Lance

On 12/17/2021 22:43:17, Mack Edmonson via groups.io wrote:
I cannot find any information about the use of the F tol  setting, I only know that if it is set to anything other than zero , you must have the receive frequency cursor on the exact frequency you wish to receive otherwise there are no decodes. I went through the same experience as you when I first started using Q65 mode. I inquired about the use of F tol and got no response from anyone so I just set it to zero and went about my business. I have learned that it is best to use “normal” decode and “enable  averaging” seems I get faster decodes of weaker signals. Good luck.  Merry Christmas
Mack. W4ENN
On Dec 17, 2021, at 3:38 PM, Wayne Newport <wazzan1@...> wrote:

You might be on the right track Mack. I think the lowest F Tol goes is 1. Just talked to another local ham who had the same problem and he lowered his F Tol to 100hz and now is decoding multile stations. And it doesn,t appear to matter where the F Tol is centred. We are using @FAST@ on the decode menu. All I need is some signals to try it.
cheers Wayne VK4WTN

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