locked Don't forget about FT4 #FT4 #QSO_practices

Timothy Brannon

I like to get on 40 meters in the predawn hours (US Central Time), but most mornings are absolute bedlam on 7074 kHz. The FT8 waterfall is so full of strong signals, I can hardly find a clear spot to transmit.
So, I often click Mode in WSJT-X and switch to FT4 on 7047.5 kHz, but the problem there is the opposite -- the waterfall is completely empty! I did just complete a contact with VK2LAW with nice -12 dB signals both ways, but then my 25 CQ calls went unanswered.
Remember, with FT4 you're only giving up 3.5 dB of sensitivity, but the SNR is much better without the crowding/QRM, and contacts are completed in half the time. I wish more people would try FT4 in the morning, and relieve the congestion on FT8. Come try it!
73 de Tim, WA5MD in Dallas

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