locked Re: WSJT-x 2.5.0-rc6 in FST4W mode I can only select 2M band and above #WSPR #FST4W

Dave Garber

I am not an fst4 user, but maybe the fact that you say you are using 2.5.0 RC6, instead of a full GA version .   now on 2.5.3, i believe...

Dave Garber

On Sun, Dec 12, 2021 at 3:34 PM <stanford.jw@...> wrote:
Hi group,

I haven't been able to decodes FST4 or FST4W on 160 (or 80 or other HF).
I've tried 1.839000 and WSPR freqs.  My K3 and iMac/Monterey decode FST4 in the WSJTX sample .wav file.   Any suggestions please!

John, NN0F

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