locked Re: WSJT-X Conflict with FT-991A Memory Channels #Yaesu


I've been struggling with this problem for some time and have never been able to get wsjtx to work with the 991A when it's in memory mode for 60m.  It's the same issue as what you observe, i.e.: that the radio will slip into VFO-A mode after the first TX attempt and, of course, subsequent TX attempts are rejected because the radio sees the request as being out of band.

I use FLRig as the wsjtx "radio", but it doesn't matter whether using that, or with direct connection wsjtx <--> FT991A.  PTT is "CAT", split is disabled but still, no go.  I have a feeling that audio input must also be "USB" and have the radio's audio feed into the corresponding port - i.e. not using "DATA-USB" mode because that's not supported by the Yaesu memory channelisation.  Still, it seems that wsjtx is sending a VFO tune command prior to each TX, regardless of whether split is enabled or not, and that's the root problem.  I'm at a loss too on how to get wsjtx to work with a Yaesu FT991A on 60m so, unfortunately, can't offer any solution at this point; only consolation and to let you know you're not alone.


Hugo, ve3ktn.

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