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Tony Collett

Every contest that I have been in states that the score is not necessary as their software will figure your score.

Hi Steve
Glad the tips helped - and cheers to Phil about not including the header, second nature when you have done it before but not first time round!

Carl is correct, some Entry Robots will tell you the score when you upload the log but not all. They all work out the score themselves in the adjudication process.

I only operated RU for a few hours and not sending an entry in so only used WSJTX but would use N1MM for a serious entry. Using a contest logger also helps you know if you have worked them before on the same band but different mode which is not so easy with WSJTX on its own even with a fresh ADI file. The N1MM documentation runs through how to set it up thoroughly but enjoy watching You Tube for more guidance and Good Luck.

Tony G4NBS   

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