locked Re: Bill Somerville, G4WJS, SK #general


This is a real shocker.  I'd communicated with Bill on the list a while back  A few months back, after an update to windows, WSJT-X could not communicate with my Kenwood TS-450.  After a try on email, he said "I need to work with you." He set up a remote session and I got to talk with him on the phone while we trouble-shot the issue.  It was an enjoyable conversation.  I was a broadcast engineer before retiring so we were both trouble-shooters in our various disciplines. I remember commenting that I was really amazed at how well FT8 worked given the narrow bandwidth of the radios. He replied "you'd  be surprised how many hams don't know what the word bandwidth means."  We had a chuckle over that. 

He figured out the problem was that the radio wasn't responding to the request for the radio's ID.  He fixed it by, instead of immediately throwing an error, the program would do one retry first. "That way," he said, " It won't penalize anyone else" (who doesn't have the issue).  I wish more programmers thought that way!

I'm glad I had the opportunity to talk to him. He was a real gentleman, and sharp as a tack about programming and radio. He is leaving behind a pair of very large shoes that will be difficult or impossible to fill. 

Rest in peace, Bill

Chris Hays, AB6QK

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