locked #macOS #Cat_RigControl WSJT-X stuck on transmit with new MacBook Air M1 and IC-7300 #macOS #Cat_RigControl #Icom

Alan AG7XS

When WSJT-X v2.5.2 is opened it immediately turns on transmit until turned off. 
Setup is MacBook Air M1 with USB to USB-C dongle to IC-7300, Siliicon Labs driver and memory error script installed. CAT control works (turns green) while PTT is not (always red) despite what settings I try. Dongle is Syntech 
Configuration on rig and laptop is the same as it was on my older 2012 MacBook Pro (aside from USB dongle) which works correctly. Older laptop still works correctly, so something with M1 laptop, USB dongle or setup is incorrect or not working.
I have turned the power to 0 and tried grounding the laptop as suggested, but no joy. 
Anyone else experience this behavior? Any suggestions on what I might be missing or changes that the new M1 requires in order to work? 


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