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W1EL Eric



How do you have your TS-450 wired up for CAT? Using the Kenwood IF-232? Have you tried it with a different radio control program other than WSJT-X?


Good Luck, Eric (W1EL)


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Hi Bill,   Its the CAT control that doesnt work, Im geeting cannot retrieve frequency from radio, 


current rig control on flrig setting doesnt move the frequency on the TS450 device/radio. 


What I did just to isolate errors was I manually tuned the radio on 15meters then I initialize the programs. 


so in summary

- AF in is ok

- AF out is ok

- PTT via RTS is ok

- Wsjtx is ok via Flrig (can do qso) 


- Flrig doesnt show errors on settings but doesnt reflect changes in frequency. 

wasnt able to tinker with it this weekend, will try to gather more data. 


thanks again, appreciate the help and insights. 





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What does "just not perfect" mean?


Mike W9MDB





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Yes sir, I actually was in touch with the tech from xggcomms which is great, its just that the errors are on the software and my rig is old TS-450s and is tagged as obsolete with Kenwood.  Have to survive this self inflicted pain i'm getting hahaha.

But was able to make it work in 2 days just not perfect yet.


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