locked Re: OMNIRIG 1.9 ~ IC-705 Issue #Cat_RigControl

Michael Black

What order do you start your software?
Do you have Log4OM starting WSJTX?  
Try starting WSJTX before Log4OM.
Mike W9MDB
On Sunday, November 28, 2021, 03:45:57 AM CST, Dave H <xwebsubs@...> wrote:

Hi Bill & Mike,

I have re-visited all radio / software settings, and changed speed to 19,200 & poll: 100ms , No Change
I also tried latest version of omnirig, 1.20 , No Change

Going to try installing everything on another PC, see what happens.

I may try a question on LOG4OM Forum
I only observed the issue since trying LOG4OM, maybe somebody else had an issue..??

73 Dave G8LIY


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