locked Codecs and names: #WSJTX_config #windows11

Stephen Thornber

Morning. WSJT-X v2.5.2 68dc11
Windows 11
I have two instances and seem to be working fine - not sure because nobody has come back to my CQ & I see inbound signals. Waterfall runs OK... So far so good.
So leave alone you might say...  :)

In Settings Audio I see:

So I remembered being told that you can change names and here is what I find:  >> System > Sound
in the properties there is a Rename item.  Yep I renamed the Speakers to "SPK1" & "SPK2" respectively and they show up in windows as such.

The problem (I have rebooted ) the above status is the same.
Sorry the problem is that WSJTX does not pick up the renamed objects in its list.


Stephen G6SGA

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