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Hi Gary,


Don’t feel bad...I understand where you’re coming from. I in no way am intending anything derogatory to the Raspberry Pi users here (and there’s a lot of them), but those that want to install the Linux version of WSJT-X will likely have a strong parallel interest in digging into the code and during installation, using the specialized language of Linux for installation and communication with their computers. G4WJS and W9MDB are a couple of the true experts in that area and regularly answer the really arcane questions about its operation. I know enough Linux to be dangerous, and that’s why I like my Mac and use the Mac version of WSJT-X. It installed easily, and has operated pretty flawlessly with my IC-7610. Yes, I’m doing it in kind of a “black box” mode, but have a rough idea of how it works by reading the QST and QEX papers by K1JT. IMHO, the papers do a good job describing what WSJT-X does, although I’d prefer more on how it does it.


In any case, to your original question about reading opportunities, I’ve seen some good reviews on the Dr. Duino electronics kit as advertised in QST (https://www.drduino.com/blogs/news/tagged/ham-radio). It combines hands on project building with the coding that can be used for computer control. It might be one place to start as it’s pretty reasonably priced.


Just a few suggestions...hope this helps.




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