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Charlie Morrison

Hi Mike


I would need either. TCI 1.5 is current with ExpertSDR V2, 1.6 is required for V3


73, Charlie GI4FUE


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I need volunteers who have the need for TCI 1.5 and one for TCI 1.6

Does anybody need TCI 1.4?


I don't yet what the difference is but apparently JTDX's implementation only works on 1.5.


I'm going to add it to hamlib so you'll be able to download the new DLL to get it.


Mike W9MDB





On Thursday, November 25, 2021, 09:43:04 AM CST, Randy Diddel <k5rhd.73@...> wrote:



Add me to the list that would like to see TCI added at least for CAT-type control. I am good with using VAC for now although it would be nice to have it all rolled together.
Randy Diddel
Arvada, CO

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