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Bill Somerville

On 25/11/2021 16:10, Edward Seeliger wrote:
Good morning Bill
sudo -E cmake .... didn't work. I also tried to install cmake on a fresh OS Bullseye image using the sh script as described on the cmake site - that didn't seem to work either.
On my RPI 4B 4GB I started with a clean RPI OS Bullseye again, installed all the prerequisites from the INSTALL recipe using APT package manager including cmake and built the install and package versions following the recipe. It all works as it should.
Thanks for your help.
Yes, my original goal was to build and install on the RPI Zero W2. Now I must learn how to move the wsjtx package version from one RPI to another.
There is always something else to learn.
Have a nice weekend.
Edd - KD5M


have you tried installing the default cmake package from the Raspberry Pi OS repository?

sudo apt install cmake


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