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Edward Seeliger

Good evening Bill.
I have successfully used the install recipe contained in the source tarball to build WSJTX 2.5.2 on an RPI 4B (4GB SDRAM) on RPI OS Bullseye.
But I believe the last line in the recipe is incorrect -- "sudo cmake --build . --target install" gives an error "sudo: cmake: command not found". I think the correct script should be "sudo make install" - that command runs and installs wsjtx 2.5.2 into /usr/local/bin and will run from that location, albeit without a desktop icon. It must be run with the RUN command or migrate to the folder and click on it.

The tarball recipe will not run beyond building hamlib on my RPI Zero W2 (500MB SDRAM) on RPI OS Bullseye.

Please verify my change for the last line in the recipe is correct.

Thanks for your help. As always, I learned some more about Linux and Raspian!

Edd - KD5M

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