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Hello Mr. Edd
I have heard that the Bulleye os has some issues with installing some programs.
go back Buster and try install WSJTX
 here is a link to get it if needed

On Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 10:18 AM Edward Seeliger <eseeliger@...> wrote:
I have attempted to build wsjtx-2.5.2 for Raspian Bullseye (32 GB card) from source for the RPI Zero W2 following the recipe contained in the source tarball.
The build fails (crashes the RPI Zero W2) at the 61% location (Performing build step for 'wsjtx'). There are no error messages.
I must restart the RPI Zero W2 to recover operation.
The recipe builds hamlib without errors.
I have installed all the dependencies as listed and installed CMake using snap - CMake version 3.22.0 --Classic version. All the dependencies exceed the minimum required versions.
Any suggestions on how to proceed / correct the error are appreciated.
Edd - KD5M

Loyd C. Headrick

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