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Roger Corbett <roger.corbett@...>

Hi Bill,
Just to add another number to the count. I too have a SunSDR and Id love to be able to use TCI directly from WSJT-X.
Currently Im using MacLoggerDX to do the connection which is fine but I’ve never been able to get any sort of doppler correction working with that setup.
Thats not totally true but 100hz steps, which is all I’ve been able to achieve, is useless as a microwave IF.

Roger ZL3RC

On 25/11/2021, at 8:43 AM, Charlie Morrison <charlie@...> wrote:

Hi Bill
There are a great many users of the SunSDR range, and I for one  would love to see TCI incorporated as a CAT  option…It can also stream the Audio which gets around having to use VAC with its attendant artefacts. Perhaps it could be investigated
73, Charlie GI4FUE
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Hi Bill, Mike
This question arose during the discussion on the site forum.qrz.ru of the capabilities of the WSJTX, JTDX and MSHV programs by users of SUN SDR transceivers. Surprised that WSJTX does not use TCI communication technology.
73 Boris UX8IW
Среда, 24 ноября 2021, 0:39 +02:00 от Bill Somerville <g4wjs@...>:
On 23/11/2021 19:33, Борис Романов via groups.io wrote:
Maybe I don’t know something, but I want to ask.
Is the WSJTX program supposed to control the SDR transceiver (CAT and sound) via the TCI interface?
This control is implemented in the JTDX and MSW programs.
73 Boris UX8IW

Hi Boris,

as far as I am aware, you are the first to ask. No WSJT-X does not currently support that rig control mechanism. If there is enough interest I can look at implementing it, or if anyone wants to contribute an implementation as a pull request I will consider its inclusion in WSJT-X.


Борис Романов

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