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Thanks for the info Bill.

I should have known... :(


On 24.11.2021 19.15, Bill Somerville wrote:
Hi Karl,

the default with no '-j' argument is a serial build, equivalent to '-j1'.


On 24/11/2021 17:13, Karza wrote:
Hi Edd,

perhaps you could try to use the -j parameter to reduce the number of parallelism of the compile process. ( Even down to 1 )

Of course the compile will then take ( a lot ) more time, but might actually succeed.

( Once upon a time I was too eager and pecified too large number for -j which then caused compile failure. )

73's de Kari, oh2gqc

On 24.11.2021 18.30, Edward Seeliger wrote:
Good afternoon Bill - thanks.
I did not add any suffixes (-j) / options to the build command except as specified in the tarball instructions. But that is what I suspect is happening.
I will have to research (learn again) how to change (temporaily) the memory allotment on the RPI and see if that works.
Edd - KD5M

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