locked Test CAT & PTT - no response red or green #Cat_RigControl #Ten-Tec #signalink



With WSJT-X I can receive audio from a TenTec Eagle and decode digital modes. However I'm unable to establishing CAT control. Changing frequency or band using WSJT-X isn't reflected at the Eagle. There's no response, red or green, to Test CAT & Test PTT.

Here are the current settings under the WSJT-X Radio tab.

Rig = none. I can't find a reference but believe this is correct.

PTT Method = vox, From SignaLink documentation "Your radio’s Speech Processor / Compressor and VOX
features should be turned OFF." VOX is turned of on the Eagle.

Serial port = COM1. Device Manager shows COM1 as a communication port. Port settings, bits per second, 9600, data bits 8, parity none, stop bits 1, flow control none. However under the WSJT-X Radio tab the Baud Rate is defaulted to 4800 and can not be changed.

Mode = defaulted to Data Pkt. and can not be changed.

Handshake = Defaulted, and can not be changed.

The Tune function of WSJT-X trips the SignaLink PTT light but no RF output is present. Both WSJT-X input & output soundcard settings are = 6- USB Audio Codec. The WSJT-X  Pwr setting is at mid-range.

Assistance appreciated.


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