locked Re: A different '73' bug? #IssueReport

Allan Schlaugat N9ISN

On Thu, 11 Nov 2021 12:26:30 -0800, "John P" <j.m.price@...>

While calling a station in HI on 15 meter FT8 this afternoon anytime he sent 'RR73' to
another station (i.e., not my callsign) he was working, WSJT-X (Version 2.5.2) would
disable my 'TXEnable'. I'm also running JTAlert, so not 100% sure if it's a WSJT or JTAlert issue.
Its not a JTAlert issue. I am seeing the same thing. It does not do this
all the time but it is frustrating. Using 2.5.1.
I push the TX Enable and it fires off OK. Unless I get another RR73 that
goes to a different station, then it shuts off again. The Log QSO window
doesn't pop up either.
Its happens very erratically. No rhyme or reason to it at all.

73 Al N9ISN

Allan W. Schlaugat Albertville, WI USA
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