locked Re: IC 705 CRASHES WSJT-X WHEN TX #band #AudioIssues #Icom

Jim Brown

On 11/8/2021 9:04 AM, Steven Reich wrote:
If you do a Google search you'll find this is a common problem with the IC-705.
It is a common problem with nearly all ham gear, because connectors are mounted in such a manner that they fail to bond cable shields to the shielding enclosure (chassis) at the point of entry. This manufacturing defect was first identified in 1994 by Neil Muncy, W3WJE (SK), working in the world of pro audio, where within a few years the problem was mostly eliminated. Unfortunately, the word never got out engineers designing equipment for other fields, like ham radio, consumer audio and video equipment, CATV equipment, and so on.

The most effective "band-aid" for the problem our stations is proper bonding and grounding, both of which are both good engineering practice and required by LAW (local Electrical Codes). Study N0AX's ARRL book on the topic, to which I contributed, and/or the slide deck for talks I've done at Pacificon, Visalia, and to several ham clubs. Note that a few details of power system bonding are specific to North America.


The Pin One Problem and many other aspects of RFI are addressed in tutorial form in these two app notes.


73, Jim K9YC

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