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On 07/11/2021 23:05, WB5JJJ - George wrote:
With all the comments on DX or not DX, here's my 2-cents.
As stated on my QRZ page, if I'm calling a SPECIFIC station, then you will be totally ignored until I feel he's not going to work me.  If I don't see him that often, I "may" respond to your call as it only takes a minute and it better satisfy your needs for me.  But, if you are going to call me several times while I'm calling a specific DX station, and the when I give up on him and return your previous cycle call, you better be there or I'll ignore you for the next 24 hours.  Best filter made is between the ears.
However, if I'm calling CQ DX, then you are more than welcome to chime in even if you are just across town.  Again it only takes a minute.   I agree that is not "proper" behavior, but you must remember, many of those on WSJTx now have never been on CW or SSB in their short ham career's to fully grasp courteous operations.  It also could be the somewhat anonymous operations of digital communications, or they are just LID's that really don't care what we think.
George - WB5JJJ
Hamshack Holine #4969
My policy is not to respond to CQ DX as I've no idea if the other station regards me as DX or not. (However I sometimes accidentality respond as I pay more attention to new country or grid or my screen.)

CQ DX is not formally defined by my licencing authority or, as far as I know, national amateur radio society so there is no formal definition in the UK.


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