locked IC 705 CRASHES WSJT-X WHEN TX #band #AudioIssues #Icom

Mark Gottlieb

Hi Everyone,

I have been using WSJT-x for years with several different radios.  Just got the IC-705 and am able to have CAT control and decodes just fine on RX.  However, when I TX I am getting an Audio error box and the software, for lack of a better term, crashes.  I have to close the software since it leaves my radio locked in TX.  This happens with my CI-V Address set for the IC 7300 and the IC 705.  My DATA OFF MOD is set to USB but I am getting the same result with MIC,USB.    My Audio settings in WSJT-x are USB AUDIO CODEC for both speakers and microphone.  It must be something simple that I am overlooking.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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