locked Re: Possible to Adjust Time to Match Sending Station? #Timesync

Kermit Lehman

Correction: TimeFudge is for those times when a station I am trying to work has a clock that's way off.  When a station approaches a DT of 2.0, I may not be able to work him regardless of what the specs say.  Then I use TimeFudge to get the two of us closer together and have often had a successful QSO.  I've found it very useful in this regard.

Yes, TimeFudge can also be used when you have no access to time sync.  It has multiple uses.


Ken, AB1J

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TimeFudge is for those situations when we don't HAVE access to time
sync. Once we get that access back, for whatever reason, we should be
using that, not TimeFudge. I've used it for county/grid expeditions
where I have no cell service.

73, Jim K9YC

On 11/3/2021 2:13 PM, Kermit Lehman via groups.io wrote:
> After I adjust the time with TimeFudge, how long is the adjustment
> maintained?  Will it last though the next time update from my time
> setting ap? (Dim4 in my case on this computer or Meinberg on another one)

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