locked Re: No power or tones on alternate tries #txaudio #Yaesu #stopped_working

Robert Ahrens

Update:  This morning, it now has no tones/power on any try.  The "every other" behavior has changed.  Go figure ...

It may matter ... I just looked and I am still using V2.4.0 c19d62 of WSJT-X  and V2.50.2 of JTAlert.  

I also reviewed my Windows sound settings.  The Realtech Speakers and Stereo Mix are the default ins/outs.  If I switch the "Output" to the USB Codec, the tones come out of the speaker EVERY time I hit the tune button ... conclusion, this is NOT a WSJT issue.  The USB Codecs are properly set in WSJT and the device drivers are present and do not indicate any problems (no "!" notices on the Device Driver screen).

I have the radio tab set to OmniRig1, CAT, USB, and Rig.  All other options are grayed out.  The Test CAT and Test PTT work as they should.  But again, I think that I have concluded that I do not have a control problem - only an audio one.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?  Any suggestions?

Tnx.  NT5A - Bob

On Wed, Nov 3, 2021 at 6:46 AM Robert Ahrens via groups.io <robertahrens52=gmail.com@groups.io> wrote:
I have been going crazy.  I jerked around with my setup for the CQWW SSB contest over the weekend and since then things have been weird.  I cannot fathom how anything I did could cause the problem I am having now.

Every other time that WSJT keys my FTDX3000, it fails to send tones so there is no power out.  The rig reliably keys and I have confirmed via the MON function that tones are produced only every other time that the Tune button on WSJT is activated, or that WSJT "transmits" a CQ (or any other message).

I am using OmniRig, full CAT with a single cable to the computer, and Win4Yaesu with a Win10 computer ... but I cannot imagine how any of that should matter.  The radio is keying every time, and the audio path (selection of audio devices, etc) appears to be OK since it does work predictably every other time. 

Any ideas?  Thank you for your help.  It is driving me crazy watching one DX station after another  scroll up the screen and I cannot even try. 

73 de NT5A - Bob

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