locked #FoxAndHound: Please do not QSY back to "normal" frequency


This afternoon I was on 12m, and on the IC-7300 spectrum scope I could see FT8 activity 5kHz down. Tuned down to see what it was and it was the HD8R DXPedition. Thought I would join the throng so went into Hound mode. I wondered why I was now seeing normal transmissions and realised that setting "hound" mode had reset the frequency to the normal for 12m.

I assume that the dial frequency was 18.095 - this put the fox on 530 Hz plus the 3 60 Hz higher. When they came back, I cleared the "Enable TX" in my excitement - I had the mouse hovering over it to re-enable it when it was cleared after too many transmissions.

73 Phil GM3ZZA

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