locked Re: WSPR Spot validation #WSPR


On Wed, Nov 3, 2021 at 05:06 PM, <groups@...> wrote:
Many qrz.com entries for those using WSJTX are out of date or just
wrong, sometimes deliberately for privacy reasons.

Me? I don't change qrz.com when I'm not operating from home.

I am totally against using qrz.com for amending my decoded messages and
would block that website if necessary to prevent WSJTX from making any


You are making it very difficult to follow your argument as you're not
including the comments you're replying to.

Roger thanks for sharing. Do you have any other ideas to reduce false Spots being uploaded and stored in the Database? Look at the Screenshot in my opening post. I am still looking for ways to count these error Spots. Is it 1%, 10% of all the WSPR Spots or even more?

It looks substantial to me, try this DB query showing Spots last 24h where distance is > 10000 km and SNR < 0 dB

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