locked Re: WSJT-X 2.5.0 and MCHF: issue reading-back the VFO setting #Cat_RigControl #linux #Yaesu #IssueReport


Hi Mike, Andy

some notes / clarifications

My Rig is mcHF-QRP (http://www.m0nka.co.uk/) an open HW device, running UHSDR sw  (https://github.com/df8oe/UHSDR).
Its CAT interface is emulating FT817.
Everything were fine till Hamlib 4.3.0, and CAT for 817 was fine reading VFO, as well FT847. Starting from Hamlib 4.3.1, on my case, cat for ft817 is failing read back VFO.   

Your reply doesn't  match with my observations (not yet open the src code ...) with Hamlib till 4.3.0:
  • FT817 and FT847 seems support in some way the VFO read back and wsjtx updates the freq box according my rig manual setting
  • FT847UNI is not reading back the VFO since CAT is unidirectional. Freq BOX on wsjtx become RED and value is set to "0". This affect ADIF file that report wrong band and freq. (very annoying)  
any way this evening I'm going to repeat tests using a real FT817.

Will followup

73 paolo IU2OMT

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