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Kermit Lehman

This is okay if it's an option, which is what Ellis suggested. Otherwise, one should be allowed to transmit anywhere your governmental rules allow. The existing bands have no official status.  And DXpeditions can be all over the place.

It's very nice to have all the FT activity grouped together in 3 kHz segments where you can see all the activity at once, but that's not an official requirement.  20m and 40m at their peak times are extremely crowded and folks should be encouraged to spread out beyond the normal segment.  Moving up is better in my opinion as those higher frequencies are already claimed by WSJT-X for essentially obsolete modes.

The only exception here in the USA would be the 60m band, which is channelized and passband limited to a SSB signal width of 2.8 kHz . FT8 is done at the dial frequency of 5357.0 kHz.  FT8 can operate anywhere within that 2.8 kHz.


Ken, AB1J

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It might be worth asking the WSJT-X developers to add the option of setting frequency limits for each band.  That way there would be no risk of transmitting out of band

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Thanks Bill

Dave G3UEG

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