locked Re: WSPR Spot validation #WSPR

Reino Talarmo

On 03/11/2021 12:56, Roland wrote:
Biil, GM1BAN is only sending 4 character locator as all of our Beacons
Many of the large volume WSPR spotting sources are not using WSJT-X so I guess they are forming spots from their own decoders, or more likely from running the underlying wsprd decoder application. Do you know if these bad spots are more prevalent from particular types of spot sources?
Hi Roland,
If GM1BAN sends 4 character locator, how the receiving entity can provide 6 character locator to the spot collector?

By the way could the spot collector check the validity of the call - locator pair or are there too many spots arriving for current computers? Also any data analyzing program should filter out clear outliers as in your example. Of course single spots of a station are that simple and an external database could be a proper solution (if it is up-to-date).

73, Reino OH3mA

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