locked Re: WSJT-X 2.5.0 and MCHF: issue reading-back the VFO setting #Cat_RigControl #linux #Yaesu #IssueReport

Michael Black

The FT847 does not have a get_vfo function.
The FT817 does now have a get_vfo function which apparently is not supported by that rig.

So looks like you need to use the FT847.

Mike W9MDB

On Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 03:34:25 AM CDT, PFA <fpaolo63@...> wrote:

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Hi Mike,

just a clarification:
as per subject and tags, my tests are based on  linux  using my mcHF-QRP rig:  it has a native CAT/Audio USB interface and emulate the ft817 ...

hamlib 4.3.1 ( wsjtx 2.5.0) and mcHF with 817 setting I got this error testing CAT:

Hamlib error: Protocol error

read_block(): Timed out 3.3116 seconds after 1 chars

rig_get_vfo: returning -8(Protocol error

0000 00 .

read_block(): Timed out 3.3116 seconds after 1 chars

read_block(): Timed out 3.3116 seconds after 1 chars)rig.c(2809):rig_get_vfo return(-8) while testing getting current VFO

as you suggested, i will repeat the test also for HamLib 4.4

As well I will repeat tests using my ft817 ....

I start a thread on mcHF group: https://groups.io/g/mcHF/topic/86598682

PS. just understood  what really means 847UNI .... sorry for the confusion

73 paolo IU2OMT

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