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Tom V. Segalstad


We see from time to time that wrong decoding of weak signals are plotted on DXMAPS.COM (and other maps). But I assume that such wild decoding and reporting cannot be avoided?


Some examples of wrong FT8 decoding on 50.313 MHz here during the last week (WSJT-X v. 2.5.0):


181130 -24  2.0 1118 ~  FT0XHT 5R9KHX JP91


104745 -24  2.3 2951 ~  7I7IBM/P QF6GOM/P R KP02


122845 -20  4.0  899 ~  PT2KFL/R IP0RT PC08


122115 -19  4.1  210 ~  M52FPI/P TX5SPH BQ51


73 from Tom, LA4LN



Fra: Bill Somerville
Sendt: onsdag 3. november 2021 kl. 13.33
Til: main@WSJTX.groups.io
Emne: Re: [WSJTX] WSPR Spot validation #WSPR


On 03/11/2021 12:22, Roland wrote:
> It seems many decoded Spots contain wrong information like TX locator
> for example. There is no Data validation in the whole chain which
> leads to problems if you are into Data Analytics.

Hi Roland,

do you have evidence that the stations you mention are sending the wrong
locator in their WSPR beacon transmissions? It may be that the invalid
location information is being added in one of downstream databases.



Tom (LA4LN)

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