locked Re: Exact frequency span occupied #TechnicalHelpQuestion #FT8

Bill Somerville

On 03/11/2021 10:50, David Gould wrote:
In UK on 60m our upper band limit is 5.358, so with dial set to 5.357 we should not TX above 1000Hz.

On another forum, there is conflicting advice about the highest freq that the TX offset can be set.
Option 1   950Hz with 50Hz upper sideband above.
Option 2   975Hz  with signal  +/-  25Hz

I think it is option 1 with the red "goalposts" showing the correct span of the TX signal keeping below 1000Hz

Could the development team please confirm.

Dave G3UEG
Hi Dave,

in all WSJT-X QSO modes except MSK144 the Tx audio offset (from USB VFO dial frequency) is the offset of the lowest frequency modulation tone (in MSK144 it is the centre frequency of the two tones, i.e. 1500 Hz). So your option 1 would be correct for FT8 mode.


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