Locked Re: Kenwood TS-2000 - no TX-NF in Versions 2.4 up #linux #Cat_RigControl #txaudio #IssueReport #Kenwood

Bill Somerville

On 02/11/2021 20:20, Karl Beckman WA8NVW - AFA5VB wrote:

The Kenwood TS-2000 is indeed a bit peculiar regarding use of the rear panel 13-pin DIN J7 accessory connector for data interfaces.  
If you are sending USB sound card audio to the rear connector J7 you can only apply data PTT ground to the proper pin of that same connector.  Sending a CAT PTT command to the TS2k radio will ALWAYS mute the Accy Conn audio input and enable the front panel microphone connector instead.  There is no known easy or seriously difficult way to alter this behavior of the TS2k.  That is why almost every TS2k owner uses a Signalink USB interface with built-in VOX to operate the WSJT-x modes. 
You don't need to modify or patch anything involving HamLib or RigCtl libraries because you can't use CAT.  Erase all those thoughts permanently from your mind.  Just buy the Signalink USB and the CAT13 interface cable which plugs into the rear panel 13-pin Accy Conn. 
Karl  WA8NVW  OH


that is not a correct assessment, many users of many different rigs use a simple serial port driven PTT switch utilizing the RTS or DTR signal and a basic singe transistor circuit. There's no need whatsoever to ditch CAT control just because a hardwired PTT signal needs to be provided to cause a rig to select a particular Tx audio source (I know you are not saying that but your message can easily be misinterpreted as such). This not unique to the TS-2000 either, several Kenwood rigs require PTT via the correct ACC socket pin if audio is provided via the same socket. WSJT-X via all of its CAT interfacing options provide for PTT using either the RTS or DTR signal, either on the CAT serial port itself or via a second serial port specifically for that purpose.

I agree that the TS-200 CAT TX; command cannot be used to key the rig when audio is provided via the ACC socket, but almost everything else you mention is incorrect or confusing the issue unnecessarily. Buying a redundant audio interface is folly if one already has an audio interface to the PC and only need a simple PTT switch circuit to get up and running.


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