locked Re: Hamlib update for Xiegu G1M #Cat_RigControl


+1.  FLRig is the way to go for Xiegu IMO....I'd bet the Xiegu G1 will also connect in similar fashion as G90 to FLRig for rig control.  I suggest giving that a try...get it connected to your Xiegu G1, then select FLRig as the "rig" in WSJT.  Look for v1.4.0.05. GL.  

73 de Bob

On Tue, Nov 2, 2021 at 3:08 PM Chuck - KY4CU <k4cay.chuck@...> wrote:
I had a similar problem with my G90.

I ended up using flrig to handle cat control. Flrig has the g90 on the list of rigs, and it might be a usable substitute if your rig isn’t on the list. . . if flrig is available for Mac OS.

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