locked Re: Bug Report: Band Activity window stops updating - #macOS #mainscreen

Bill Somerville

On 01/11/2021 16:42, bownes wrote:
System: MacOS 11.6 (Big Sur)
WSJT-X: v2.5.1 f30d2c
Problem Description:
After a period of time (~30-40 minutes) of otherwise unattended monitoring, the band activity window stops updating and remains blank. WSJT-X prefs are set to:
  • Start new decodes at the top
  • Blank line between decoding periods

I have used 'CQ Only' in both checked and unchecked position.

Plenty of decodes happening, the waterfall is full of signals.
Does not appear to be related to the screen going to sleep. (system never sleeps).
No action brings back the display except erase the Band Activity Window. Then decode display starts updating again.

To reproduce:
Start WSJT-X, select any band with traffic, allow to run.


can you confirm if scrolling down the Band Activity decodes window reveals the missing decode please?


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