locked Re: WSPR data analysis idea -- seeking feedback #WSPR

Alan Blind


The  WSPR message from the WSJT-X UDP broadcast has a lot of data.   I reprinted the WSPR section below. 

There are numerous examples of code available (search with Google)  to convert the Grid Square to lat/long and with some math to bearing and distance.

I currently use Node-Red and Javascript, to decode the WSJT-X message and do the math conversions for bearing to and distance.

Here is a link to Node-Red, it runs on many platforms:  https://nodered.org

Here is a link to the Node-Red WSJT-X decode node:  https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-wsjt-x

All of the WSJT messages are decoded and presented as JSON objects.  Makes the WSJT-X messages easy to use in other applications.

There are several methods to convert grid square to lat/long.  Here is one of many:  https://ham.stackexchange.com/questions/6462/how-can-one-convert-from-grid-square-to-lat-long

Here is a link to the math and coding for calculating bearing and distance from two lat/long coordinates:  https://www.movable-

Node-Red can run the Javascript coding, provided in the above link.

Here is a link to a Node-Red based World Map you can plot the results on:  https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-web-worldmap

Alan. WA9WUD

Alan. WA9WUD

WSPRDecode Out 10 quint32
* Id (unique key) utf8
* New bool
* Time QTime
* snr qint32
* Delta time (S) float (serialized as double)
* Frequency (Hz) quint64
* Drift (Hz) qint32
* Callsign utf8
* Grid utf8
* Power (dBm) qint32 
 * Off air boolUDP message

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