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chas cartmel

Use JTAlert which has a very flexible colour management system. It is free and links nicely into WSJT-X.
Colours are for stations being decoded so no idea why you would want to delete your old logs as they have no relevance to that feature.

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Thank you for your answer. I did what you suggested but no luck. The program still - somewhere - has all my previous QSO's, all of which I want to delete. It's very strange. My objective here is to 'start over' and one of the nice features of the program is 'colors' which highlights, for example, unworked countries. In my case no received calls are in color. (Makes sense since I have worked them all which is why I'm starting over). Am I overlooking the obvious? BTW, the appropriate boxes are checked in the 'colors' menu.

Take care!  73, Bob

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