Re: Want Hamlib to support Xiegu g1m #WSJTX_config #macOS

Michael Black

Where is VK3TPM's XML file?
I can look at adding the rig.

Mike W9MDB

On Sunday, October 24, 2021, 06:58:38 AM CDT, Antony Watts via <antonywatts@...> wrote:

I recently purchased a Xiegu G1M radio. Most impressed with function and simplicity (and useful spectrum display). But so far Xiegu have not published the CAT command set. The only thing I can find is to "use ICOM 7000" setting in WSJT

This does work, but for TX CAT there is a huge delay so that the first part of the message is not sent, and so not received.

Does anyone know if Hamlib and WSJT are being updated to support this very economic radio which would be ideal for FT8 and other digital modes?

I see that Peter Marks (marxy, VK3TPM) has successfully used flrig and has written an XML file for the Xiegu G1M, but I have not managed to install it on my Apple Macbook M1. Would be much better if hamlib/WSJT itself supported the rig.

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