locked IC-9700 VFO A/B switching #Icom #Cat_RigControl

Brad, K8ZM

Don’t see many others with this issue but I still have an anomaly on the IC-9700 with WSJT-X at launch swapping VFO A to VFO B, so I can only assume it’s the “operator” and maybe I’m clearly missing the obvious.  I installed just a day ago the latest version libhamlib-4.dll and still get the VFO swapping.  Once manually swapped back everything functions as it should.  I’m running v2.50 but also had this issue with v2.4.  The last version that did not have this issue was v2.3.1.


I’m running Windows 10 Pro latest version, (2) concurrent instances of WSJT-X, one rig specific for the IC-7300 and one rig specific for the IC-9700.  I also run multiple instances of Win4Icom and a single instance of my logger (LOGic v10).  Win4Icom and my logger all function as they should and control the rig(s) without any issues.  Note that the IC-7300 also swaps the VFO’s but 99% of the time swaps back to A.  The 9700 is always on VFO A, when WSJT-X launches it always swaps VFO A to B, the other oddity is that if VFO A is on say 144.174 (USB-D, Filter 1) and VFO B is on 144.200 (USB, Filter 2), the VFO swaps from A to B but the frequency will remain on the original VFO A frequency.  So if VFO A was on 144.174 and B was on 144.200, after WSJT-X swaps VFO A to B the frequency displayed is 144.174, not the VFO B frequency.


Yikes !!


Any help appreciated,


Brad, K8ZM

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