Locked Re: GPS bug may cause PC time to revert to March 2002 on Oct 24th #Timesync #Timesync

Bill Somerville

On 19/10/2021 18:59, AB8WD-Willie via groups.io wrote:
So where and how is the fix applied to all os's?

the root problem is in the GPS system, but that is well know and clients must rollover every 1023 weeks to deal with that and the leap second adjustments related to that. This issue is in a service application called gpsd which is used on many systems to interface between GPS receivers and applications like ntpd (a commonly used network time server and client application). The gpsd service had a defect that meant some recent versions of it fail to handle the next GPS rollover correctly. It is not a general operating system problem and only concerns some systems that use GPS receivers directly as an accurate source of time.


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