Locked Re: FT-991A and TS-590SG setup issues #Kenwood #Yaesu #txaudio #AudioIssues

Cliff Fox (KU4GW)

For the FT-991A press the MENU/SETUP button and go to Menu 070 and choose REAR to get your audio in via the radios USB-A male to USB-B male data cable. Below is a list of all the settings I'm using on my FT-991A and they work great. You can use whatever you like for the 232C baud rate, just make sure the one you choose matches the baud rate on FLRig, HRD, or whatever data software you're using. I use 38,400bps on mine. If the image didn't come through clear send me an email and I'll send it to you as an email attachment. Sorry, can't help you with the Kenwood. 
Very 73 de Cliff, KU4GW 

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