Locked Re: RigControl.log on desktop #macOS

Bill Somerville

On 19/10/2021 02:44, K7GQ wrote:
I'm running WSJT-X 2.5.0 f95b59 under High Sierra and each time it starts, it places a RigControl.log on my desktop.  I've found no later versions to download (actually no executables to download).  Is there a way to turn off this trace file?
Harry  K7GQ

that sounds like a diagnostic trace file, normally called WSJT-X_RIgControl.log , that will only be created if you have adjusted the diagnostic logging facility of WSJT-X. Whenever I ask from a diagnostic log I always include instructions to disable it again after the required information has been captured.

To disable any WSJT-X diagnostic logging adjustments and revert to default minimal logging delete the file wsjtx_log_config.ini . That file should be in the WSJT-X configuration files directory, on macOS that is ~/Library/Preferences/ .


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